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Announcement | May 7, 2024

Service Day: Prineville, OR – Bottle Drop Drive for Humane Society of the Ochocos

On April 8th, The Rosendin Foundation's Prineville, OR team started collecting bottles to help Humane Society of the Ochocos.
The Rosendin Foundation

The Rosendin Foundation’s Prineville, OR team assisted with the collection of recycled bottles/cans to help support Humane Society of The Ochocos, an animal shelter in Prineville, OR.

Unique bar-coded blue bags from Oregon’s BottleDrop (read more below) were delivered to the office on Commerce Ct. The office had an apple crate for cans/bottles starting April 8th.

One large drop-off was made on April 19th as Humane Society of The Ochocos had a small window for an additional 20% for cans until April 21st from BottleDrop.

The final drop-off of cans and bottles was on May 3rd.

About BottleDrop
BottleDrop helps keep public spaces litter-free in Oregon by providing a $0.10 refund value for qualifying beverage containers. BottleDrop makes it easy to return containers and receive the refund value by providing convenient return options. Through BottleDrop, you can immediately redeem your containers through self-serve machines and hand counts at any of our 27 full-service Redemption Centers. You can also let BottleDrop do the work for you. With the ease and convenience of the Green Bag Program, you can drop full bags of containers for redemption at a Redemption Center or participating retailer with a bag drop door. BottleDrop also works with Oregon nonprofits who can engage their supporters and supercharge their fundraising through BottleDrop’s Blue Bag program.

About Humane Society of The Ochocos
Founded in 1995 as the inspiration and vision of former Prineville residents Gladys Logsdon and Donna Whitcomb, The Humane Society of the Ochocos has come a long way. The shelter was constructed in 1996 as a temporary facility when the local population was just 17,000…it is now over 25,000, representing a 47% increase! The needs of the County have outgrown the current shelter’s capacity. In 2006, HSO paved the way and became the first animal shelter in Central Oregon to adopt the no-kill philosophy. Their mission is to create a community responsible for animals, to give shelter to stray and abandoned animals, and to find them loving, permanent homes. Further, they are dedicated to improving the welfare of all companion animals in Crook County by promoting spay/neutering and other expressions of responsible pet ownership.