Begins on January 1, 2025

TRF Camp Build is a FREE day camp for current 6th-8th graders (co-ed) to give them real hands-on experience and provide them the tools to continue to build.

What’s Offered

Hands on projects such as creating lamps, stepping stones, and doghouses to be donated to the local community. Campers who have graduated from TRF Camp Build’s weeklong program are invited to return for advanced projects and learning opportunities.

Skills Observed

  • Personal Safety
  • Concrete/Rebar Work
  • Soldering, Pipe Bending
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Heavy Equipment Operation
  • Framing/Woodworking
  • Roofing, Painting
  • and All the Available Career Opportunities

2024 TRF Camp Build Schedule

May 18

Sherman, TX (Electrical Mini-Camp)
@MPS - 3007 Fallon Drive

June 1

Anaheim, CA (Electrical Mini-Camp)
@Rosendin - 1730 S Anaheim Way

June 3-7

Phoenix, AZ
@Phoenix Electrical Training Alliance - 1520 E Indianola

June 17-21

Austin, TX
@Austin Electrical Training Alliance - 4000 Caven Rd

July 15-19

Charlotte, NC
@Carolinas Electrical Training Institute - 13530 S Ridge Dr

2023 TRF Camp Build In Action

What Campers Have To Say

“My experience at TRF Camp Build changed my whole view of the construction sector and taught me so much about it! It was so fun and I had a great time working with all the volunteers and students! I will definitely want to come back next year and am now considering construction a field of my interest.”

Hana, Camper
Austin, TX

“This camp taught me a lot about how to safely use tools and about careers in construction. It was very fun to have a hands on experience and was definitely one of the best camps I’ve ever been to.”

Zara, Camper
Austin, TX

“I enjoyed seeing the different parts and careers that I didn’t know were part of the construction industry.”

Jilliann, Camper
Gallatin, TN

“Emery had the absolute best time here! He was talking about it all weekend and asked to search for other camps in the area. You guys are amazing!”

Camper’s Parent
Sherman, TX

“I had the most amazing experience at the camp working with tools I have never touched in my life. This camp inspired me to be confident in building. Girls can do anything that boys can do too!!”

Abigail, Camper
Anaheim, CA

“It is a well organized camp. My daughter was skeptical to attend in the beginning and she had a blast and learned a lot of hands on skills.”

Camper’s Parent
Tempe, AZ

“I liked working with the tools and that we always get help when we needed it. I also liked making new friends! Join TRF Camp Build if you want to have a fun experience with handling tools, teamwork, and building!”

Giovanna, Camper
Tempe, AZ

Sponsorship Opportunities

Please join us in opening the minds of the youth to the rewarding career in the construction industry by becoming a sponsor today either as a national sponsor for all camps or a local sponsor for a specific camp hosted in your local area.

Sponsorship Tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, and Patron

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