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Service Day | June 21, 2024

Service Day: Intern Week (West) – Backpack Stuffing

Rosendin Interns in the West had a blast participating in a Service Day to stuff backpacks for Chicanos Por La Causa.
The Rosendin Foundation

Rosendin interns had a blast with a gamified Service Day. Interns were tasked with building back-to-school packs containing snacks, school supplies, toys, and hygiene products.

To start, the interns did a small ice breaker, organized into teams of 3, then played Jeopardy (Rosendin Edition) to decide rankings. The team with the highest score chose first then down the rankings until all the questions were done.

Afterward, they worked as a team to barter and trade their items with other groups to complete the backpacks. Teams were allowed extra time in the beginning based on how they did in Jeopardy.

They stuffed 50 packs in total! The packs they made went to Chicanos Por La Causa, a past Annual Grant recipient, who will distribute the backpacks to children who need these materials to support their education.

The interns had a blast making an impact by packing backpacks and learning the importance of corporate philanthropy as they transition into their careers after college.

About Chicanos Por La Causa
Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) formed in 1969 to fight discrimination against the Mexican American community. Inspired by Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez, we advocated for equity in education, politics, and labor conditions. Today, CPLC provides services to people of all backgrounds while honoring our Mexican American roots.

With offices in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas, we impact almost 1 million lives every year.

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