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Grant | January 16, 2024

EMERGENCY GRANT: Giving 365 & Humankind LA

At the end of 2023, we issued 2 Emergency Grants to help address crucial needs in our communities.
The Rosendin Foundation

At the end of 2023, we issued 2 Emergency Grants to help address crucial needs in our communities.

Giving 365 – $1,000

Giving 365 applied for and was approved for an emergency grant of $1000.00. The grant was used to replenish their food pantries.

“Giving 365 did not receive the donations of food we anticipated for our Thanksgiving Food Drive. As a result, Giving 365 had to purchase food for 500 families and is now in need of funds to restock our food pantries,” Jordan Rayburn, Director of Development.

Giving 365 provides resources, support, and educational opportunities for individuals struggling with adversity to help them achieve self-sufficiency. Our goal is for individuals to have the resources necessary to meet their basic needs, for parents to understand child development and provide a safe and nurturing environment for their families, and for individuals to break cycles and achieve their optimal potential.

“Giving 365’s programs include two food pantries serving 750 families, job readiness support and training, parent education, self-advocacy training and counseling, financial literacy classes, a backpack and school supply giveaway for 650 students, a Thanksgiving holiday meal donation program for 500 families, and a holiday gift drive for 650 children in need.”

Humankind LA – $1,500

We were not able to arrange an in-person check drop-off or photo-op.

Humankind LA was granted 1,500.00 to help address a recent break-in at their facility. The funds will go toward restocking their supplies as well as improving their security to prevent future incidents.

“We have recently been broken into and had some of our supplies stolen. We see between 10-20 clients at our help desk every day and give them supplies on need basis. We are hoping with this funding, we will be able to not only replace what was stolen, but also buy some additional security locks/gates to prevent this from happening again in the future,” Rebecca Gabra, Fundraiser.

“Our desired outcome is simple: keep housing our unhoused neighbors. That is only possible if we have a space to operate from and consistency with our services. We have already housed 15 people and are extremely proud of that number. This process is lengthy and requires us to show up for our clients the same way we need them to show up to make this happen. We are currently serving nearly 200 others in their housing process and connect with 20-40 daily.”

Humankind LA’s mission is to help fulfill our unhoused neighbors’ basic needs for housing in Los Angeles.

“We understand that we have a large homeless population and that are left systematically disadvantaged. Our philosophy is that when we turn towards our community members with curiosity and compassion, we are able to connect with each other and grow together- our work speaks to that in real and powerful ways. We want to cultivate a healthy and unified community that includes every single individual and ensures nobody gets left behind.”

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